Where is Hotel Ciao located?

Hotel Ciao is just 3 minutes walk from Termini Station.


What is the working hours of the reception?

The reception is open from 8am until 8pm, with the possibility to extend its working time until 12midnight base upon the arrival of other guests.


What time is Check-in?

Check-in is from 2pm until midnight. 

Can I access the room in advance?

We can not guarantee early check-in, but we reserve a place where our guest can store the bags before check. 


Is it possible to Check-in after midnight?

Late check-in can be arrange with extra charges.


What time should I leave the room?

Check-out time is from 10am.


How can I check-out before 8am?

For earlier departure than 8am, please leave the keys in the room making sure that you have all your personal belongings with you. Please kindly inform the reception eventhrough Whatsapp.


Can I store my bags at the hotel after check-out?

Luggage storage is possible at the reception and is free of charge if retrieved on the same day. For luggage storage for more than 24hours, please kindly make the arrangements with the reception.


How can I check-out before 8am and store my bags?

Please kindly make the arrangements with the reception to receive the correct indications

Hotel Ciao is available also through Telegram and Whatsapp